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150022 Verbose Error Message, Can't reproduce

Discussion created by Bradley Buntin on Aug 26, 2019
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I'm receiving 150022 Verbose Error Message vulnerabilities in my WAS scan reports that I'm not able to reproduce.  All 11 of these vulnerabilities are showing a 500 error response "Server Error".   The requests are of type Get, not form posts and authentication is not needed.  According to your documentation here (How to reproduce QID 150022) I should be able to reproduce the error by using the same payload url.  When I try, I'm getting our custom error page.  I also used Chrome's developer tools and Fiddle to watch the the traffic to see if any 500 errors were returned; none were.  Also I verified that these were recent dectections by the Detection Dates.  Any help to clear these errors will be appreciated. #150022 #VerboseErrorMessage