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Qualys Cloud Suite and Qualys Cloud Platform Updates shown on QG Portal Not Sync with Version Update News?

Question asked by Joshua Chua on Aug 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Joshua Chua


Anyone know when Qualys portal get updated?

I am a customer on  Qualys Guard 3 portal, which currently shows Qualys Cloud Suite version 8.19 and Qualys Cloud Platform 2.38. These versions were last updated April and May 2019.


However, I kept on seeing news on newer releases of the various modules since then.

And now, in July 2019, again updates for Qualys Cloud Suite 8.21 and Qualys Cloud Platform 2.40.

It is strange that Qualys announces "release" for new updates, yet Qualys Guard portal does not reflect the latest.

Why the out-of-sync? How far is time lag? When will it be caught up?


I have scanned the rest of Qualys Guard portals and noted the same thing.

None of them are on the July 2019 versions.

Anyone else seeing this, or am I the only odd one out?