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Qualys Community Update

Discussion created by Robert Dell'Immagine Employee on Aug 6, 2019
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Qualys Community is getting a facelift!  Read on for important details about what is changing and how it will affect you.


The goal of these changes is to collect all customer-facing technical (i.e. customer success) resources into a single website that is easy to navigate (phase 1) and easy to search (phase 2). In other words, to make it easier for you to use Qualys to secure your infrastructure.


Phase 1: New Homepage & App Pages

Today we rolled out:

  • New community homepage: Highlights all new, important, and popular resources in one place. Includes discussion forum threads, training & videos, documentation, and the Qualys Blog, along with curated news & articles.
  • New app pages: One customer success page of resources for each Qualys Cloud App, e.g. Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM), Indication of Compromise (IOC), etc. So you can easily find everything you need to know about each Qualys Cloud App.


Note: The discussion forums themselves have not changed, except the URLs for discussion threads now start with -- but all of the existing URLs (e.g. Vulnerabilities fixed within a time period | Qualys Community) will automatically redirect, so ideally you won't even notice.



Phase 2: Search and Support

Later this year, we will roll out two additional enhancements:

  • Unified search: A single search interface that returns results from all of the community sources and lets users filter results by source, by app and by date.
  • Support: Technical articles from the Support KnowledgeBase in Salesforce will be integrated into the new Qualys Community, and these Support articles will be made publicly searchable from Google and from the new unified search. Additional improvements to the Customer Support Portal and “Create a Support Case” process will also be rolled out. More on that later.



Please also give feedback by replying directly to this thread. 


I hope you like this!



Director of Community, Qualys