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Have problems with Cloud Agent and other Portal modules loading slowly?

Question asked by Corey Smith Employee on Aug 1, 2019

Do you experience issues with Qualys Portal applications loading slowly? Does your cloud agent landing page take more than 10 seconds to load?


While we work to address this in our software, we have found a way to reduce this issue for people using Chrome, Safari or Firefox browsers. Microsoft Edge should not have an issue, as they implement this setting by default.


The good news is that if you use Firefox, you can implement the following settings and it will load most modules much faster. The bad news is that Chrome and Safari have no solution available at this time, you have to install Firefox. We are working to redo some of our system calls to improve the performance for these browsers.


On Firefox you need to do the following:

open the page about:config

Change the  network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server to 12

Note: customers using a proxy should leverage: 'network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy' as well.


Basically Microsoft web browsers have this set higher than the HTTP RFC of 6 (Edge is at 12), and Chrome and Safari have this hard coded to 6 which is the RFC. Only Firefox allows for this setting to be changes without compiling your own version of the browser.


In one of my customers subscription we went from a 3 minute load time for the cloud agent module with over 300k systems down to less than 10 seconds.