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Creating AWS Connector via API in CloudView

Question asked by Matthew Martin on Jul 26, 2019

I am currently working on automating a process to create AWS connectors for our accounts via the API.  From my understanding, I am able to use the CloudView API for creating a connector and it will also create it in AssetView if I have the detail "isPortalConnector": true when posting the call.  I am currently testing the API call using  Postman.  Whenever I make the post call to "" with the following JSON in the body, it successfully creates the connector in CloudView but not AssetView.

"arn": "string",
"description": "string",
"externalId": "string",
"isPortalConnector": true,
"name": "string"


isPortalConnector returns as false after the API call.


Is my understanding of the isPortalConnector parameter wrong or is this type of functionality not available?