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Tagging / Reporting Discrepancy

Question asked by Chris Jones on Jul 23, 2019

Hi All,


BlueKeep! So, i've read through the various bits on the forum as well as Qualys own information. Here's my query:


1. I have a widget with the following query: vulnerabilities.vulnerability.qid:(91534 or 91541) - This returns 213 Assets. 

2. I have a Dynamic Search list. Under list criteria I have selected "CVE ID: 2019-0708"

3. I click test and it confirms the QID's associated with the CVE.

4. Report Template

      Findings - Host based. Assets Group: ALL

      Display - Text Summary. Vulnerability Details. Results. (3 Tick Boxes)

      Filter - Custom. Select the Search List Created Earlier.

      Vulnerability Filters - Status: New, Active, Reopened

      State: Confirmed / Active

5. Click "Test" and report states: 

All settings not mentioned are left at default.


Any one have any idea's? Suggestions?