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Obtaining Administrator Module Roles via API

Question asked by Jarrod Bradbury on Jul 18, 2019



I am seeking to either export or extract via the API a complete list of the users in my subscription along with any Tags that are assigned to them, the last time they logged in, and any Roles they have assigned to them (Roles as defined in the Admin module, not the roles within VM module).


I believe I've been able to find starting points for the API piece to pull this data using both the VM and Admin APIs, but I can't seem to find any way to programmatically extract the User Roles that we've defined in our subscription. I know that the Admin and VM modules have different IDs assigned to the same user, but that's something I feel that I could accommodate as part of my script.


So far, I've determined that I can use the following APIs to gather pieces of my needed information:

For getting User Details, modules, and tags: 

For getting User details and last login:


As I mentioned, I cannot find a way to export the User Roles that are seen within the Admin module, which is surprising given that I can see all of the information that I need within the Admin GUI.


Any assistance that anyone could provide related to how to programmatically obtain the data that I'm searching for would be greatly appreciated.