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QID 90195 Windows Registry Key Access Denied

Question asked by srstrud on Jul 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Busby

I am attempting to run an authenticated vulnerability scan against a domain-controlled Windows 10 machine. Authentication to the machine and the registry is successful, however, access to specific registry keys/folders (e.g. patches folder) was denied, as described in QID 90195.


I am a bit confused why access is being denied to these folders, as the account we are using is domain admin and should already have full permissions on the folders listed as 'access denied'.  After looking at some of the specific folders listed under QID 90195 and looking at the permissions in registry, I confirmed that our domain admin account does have read/write access (although only read is necessary).


Has anyone else run into this before?  Just looking for advise on what could be the cause of this issue. Any help would be much appreciated!