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Scanning EUD's in VPN IP Ranges

Question asked by Chris Jones on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Chris Jones

Hi Fellow Forumers,


I'd like to pick your brains and see how others are approaching this issue.


EUD's get a DHCP assigned LAN IP address from a range of, lets say


When accessing remotely, they end up with 2 IP addresses - DHCP Address from their remote location, lets say, often SOHO WiFi in most cases and a VPN IP address from our RAS pool, lets say


We are using authenticated scanning for Windows end points. I have EUD's tracked by DNS.

As expected, I end up with multiple assets with the same IP due to VPN IP Assignment short least time.


Ultimately I'm hoping to switch to Cloud Agent for these sort of endpoints but i'm interested in understanding how others have approached this without using Cloud Agent. 


Look forward to some exilerating reading :-)


Thanks All