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Cloud Agent Management

Question asked by Brandon Black on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by derekv

Any recommendations on how to successfully manage inactive Cloud Agents in an environment?

We have a number of machines in our environment that have inactive Cloud Agents hosts associated with the device.

Some inactivity is the result of the device being decommissioned, however some are separate where a core issue has not bee identified. The issue occurs on too many devices to troubleshoot each individual instance, and in the past when troubleshooting with support we always get to a point where they recommend to uninstall and reinstall the Cloud Agent.


I am looking for a way to remove inactive hosts from both the Management Console and the device itself in an efficient manner. When you perform an uninstall from the Management Console, does it also remove the agent off of the machine itself? What if it cannot communicate with the machine?


It is my understanding that if you perform the uninstall from the host itself, this will not remove it from the Management console. It would seem that when performing an uninstall from the local host, it should send a command back to the management host prompting it's removal from the console but i do not believe this happens.


Is anyone able to share any light on how they have been able to manage and automated the management of Cloud Agents in their environment?


Thank You.