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PC Scan WMI Query ERROR in Windows 7, Windows 2016

Question asked by JIWoong CHOI on Jul 4, 2019

Turning the Qualys pc scan and checking the results, I found a WMI Query error.(Error Code 22: Failed to expute WMI Query)
The error was found only in Windows 7, Windows server 2016, and was not found in Windows 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2012, and Windows 10. So I compared the settings with the servers that were not found, but there was no difference. 
Here's what I've tried.
1. Firewall PolicyComparison, services.msc Comparison, and wbemtest.exe for query (no abnormalities)
2. Refresh Windows 7 and check in progress (same ERROR)
3. Windows 7 account is not a separate account name (Admin rights) Administrator, so check after changing to an Administrator account (same error)


Scan result(Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Edition Service Pack 1) - ERROR

Scan result(Windows 2016 Datacenter 64 bit Edition) - ERROR

Scan result(Windows 2012 R2 Enterprise 64 bit Edition Service pack 1) - PASS


I want to know how to solve this problem.