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Groovy Script

Question asked by Kevin Ryan on Jun 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Jake VanMast

I am looking to create a tag using groovy script for any Windows server asset that does not have the agent installed.  However I am unable to come up with a clean way to do so. 


if(asset.getAssetType()!=Asset.AssetType.HOST) return false;
if(asset.hasSoftwareByName("IBM BigFix Client")) return false;
if(asset.resultsForQid(90129L)) return false;
if(asset.hasTag("XYZ")) return false;
return true;


This gets me close but not exactly what we are after.     Does groovy have something such as  if(asset.DOESNOThaveSoftwareByName("IBM BigFix Client")) return true;


Anyone find any good documentation on what other syntax is available in groovy ?