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Existing vulnerability doesn't show up in patch list report?

Question asked by horizon on Jun 24, 2019

Ever since it was published, I've been tracking Bluekeep as we patch it in our systems. There are two QIDs, 91534, and 91541 (unauthenticated check). 91534 was showing up in the patch list report for weeks. I pull the report every day and consume it with reporting software, and was tracking things this way. Sometime in the past week, 91534 stopped showing up at all in the patch list report. But 91541 is still present. When I search for assets with 91534 in the VM module I have a little over 100 assets with it. 


Why wouldn't they show up in the patch list report, when they were a few weeks ago? That template hasn't been changed, and schedule hasn't been changed, for over a year. I don't strip anything out, I report on all vulnerabilities. Any suggestions would be great.