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Tracking Laptops Via Tags

Question asked by Adam Browning on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by John Sponheimer

We are wanting to check a specific policy against only laptops. I know I can make a static tag using the search in AssetView looking for the system.model criteria, but I'd like to make a dynamic tag using this same criteria. Here is my current search in AssetView:


agentActivations.status:"ACTIVE" and lastInventoryDate: [now-1M .. now-1s] and (system.model: zbook or system.model: 'surface book' or system.model: latitude or system.model: elitebook or system.model: 'alienware 15' or system.model: 'alienware m17' or system.model: 'surface book 2' or system.model: 'surface pro' or system.model: 'surface pro 2' or system.model: 'surface pro 3' or system.model: 'surface pro 4' or system.model: 'xps l521x')


Is there any way to create a tag using a query like this? I'm guessing I can't using Asset Search XML since it can't really do and/or. I can't do using the Asset Name Contains since we are slowly working through changing over to our new naming standard. I've been looking into Groovy, but haven't seen an actual list of the criteria you can use in searches. Is there a good document out there somewhere with all of the criteria you can use in the Asset Search or Groovy? Hoping to get Groovy turned on our account soon so I can start playing with that.