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Agent Hostnames

Question asked by Damian OHara on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2020 by Damian OHara

Two questions:


1. I have over 300 cloud agent hosts which have different detected hostnames (by Qualys) to their NetBIOS names (detected by Qualys). The NetBIOS names match their DNS names and are correct. So ,why are the agent-detected hostnames incorrect, and what is the method by which they are detected (how does agent pick up the hostname in the first place) ? If it's just at boot, then can we have some agent logic that corrects it periodically ?


2. Given that I have over 300 agent based hosts that I need to correct the hostnames on (so that name-based tags work correctly), I'm doing it manually via the Cloud Agent module. It takes forever. I don't see anything in the Agent API doc that supports renaming agents. Is it there functionally but it's undocumented ? Is it not there functionally and if so is it on the roadmap ? Is it just not there and an FR is needed ? Or did I just miss it ? (Cloud API Doc Feb 2019).


I don't have this problem on just one subscription, but on many. I assume therefore that other enterprise customers have this problem. Anyone managed to solve it or have any suggestions on the above please ?


@Robert please move this if it isn't in a suitable location. I couldn't find one for Agent.