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Pod 1 Asset Group Tags Heads up

Question asked by derekv on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by derekv

Just a heads up to anyone on POD1... Was just told by support as a result of a case I have open that engineering has disabled tag evaluation for Asset Group tags due to performance impacts. They have no ETA on when they will re-enable this.


Qualys, this is with out a doubt unacceptable. There was no alert/notification/heads up that you were going to disable this function. What if I have key business processes that rely on the asset group tags being accurate? I understand you need to ensure performance in the infrastructure, but simply disabling a feature and not telling users?!?!? Disappointed but not surprised at this point. Continued lack of transparency around issues with the platform are a growing concern with me. 


rdellimmagine, please escalate to your peers if possible... Case that this information was disclosed to me in was case 659690. Again, I have no problem with you guys ensuring performance.... But you have to admit disabling a feature that we have come to expect to work without notification or warning is simply wrong.