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Patch Management

Question asked by Mladen Ilisinovic on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Jimmy Graham

Hi community !


I have  question about   Patch Management features.


I did  installation of  Cloud Agent on few  Windows and few Linux  machines.

After activation of Patch Management, I had visible machines under Cloud Agent section,  and soon they appeared under Patch management section.

and late next day I finally  could  see list  of  missing patches under  1 of 3  PC, few days later I got  2nd Windows patches visible, and  almost a week later I got  last Windows  host visible with its patches missing.


Linux machines stated that only windows agent 2.2 is supported.


After deploying a  job  on windows, I noticed  that despite  specification that I want only  notification when job is  done, I had  almost all time  clean blank notification window active, without  controls  to minimize it or close it.


So Questions are: 

1. How can I improve performance / appearance of  patch management

2. What is  the correct way to set up notifications, so they do not apppeared unles  specific  one is  triggered

3. When can we expect  support for Linux PM ?


I am relativelly  new in Qualys world, so please  go easy on me