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Adding Tags "HARD TAGS" Top Level

Question asked by Stephan Mckenzie on Jun 4, 2019


I have 9 HARD TAGS (Not Dynamic) that need to be set as Recorded Information per Machine


The following criteria is at work

1.) Each tag affects a non unique range of IP addresses across multiple subnets ( we have 4000 subnets )

2.) Each machine will be touched by each TAG and given a unique value or arrangement of values

3.) Tags being added need to be available to all 4000 subnets

4.) Tags need to sustain past a scan ( Thus why dynamic is not even considered else I need to load the data 24 times a day between each scan )


Machine asset number (Totally Unique per Machine)

Serial Number ( Totally unique per Physical and Virtual Machine )

DNS_NAME ( Totally Unique Per Machine )

Department and Cost Center (this tag will be a billing Value and can span many subnets)

Application ( unique to the Asset being called out via IP record number in Qualys )

Location ( unique to physical locations, but multiple subnets and partitioned vlans)

Owner Contact ( application server owner phone )

Owner Email ( application server owner email ) 

Custodian Contact ( application custodian phone ) 

Custodian Email ( application custodian email ) 



My thought was 10 Tags that would be GLOBAL or encompass everything the question is how best to perform that action as my attempts have not worked yet.

The tags are not for the benefit of the SCAN, but the benefit of the report receiver as most departments do not work via IP to handle asset management.