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[Container Security] Kubernetes Sensor Agent provisioning failed

Question asked by Rodrigo Martinez on May 12, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Damian OHara

After installing Container Security sensors as a Kubernetes Daemonset I can see all pods across the cluster are Running.


However, no agents are reported from on the Configurations -> Sensors section of Qualys container security web console.


After having a look at one of the container logs I can 404 errors while trying to register the sensor.


2019-05-11 03:44:33.607 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Information]:Web service uri: ''
2019-05-11 03:44:35.150 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Error]:Web service uri: '' failed, error code: 404
2019-05-11 03:44:35.150 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Debug]:Retry fail-over URI:, skipped
2019-05-11 03:44:35.150 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Error]:Agent provisioning failed.
2019-05-11 03:44:35.150 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Error]:CAPI request failed:
2019-05-11 03:44:35.150 [qpa-1.2.5-22][8]:[Error]:CAPI event failed

Any ideas? We are running a trial version and I've already raised a support request but not feedback yet. Attaching, Kubernetes manifest (with Daemonset).