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Question asked by Francisco Escobar on May 6, 2019
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I am trying to know Qualys in the best possible way, in my organization I am administering the hosts and I am integrating them to Vulnerability Management in Host Assets. It happens that I was entering by host ranges and I had an error and pressed a number that was not, as an example, I wanted to insert a range of 198.X.193.1 - 198.X.193.254, but I got distracted and inserted the range 193.X .193.1 - 198.X.193.254, then record the segments from 193 to 198. I want to eliminate that ip range but it does not let me, I have two errors:

-When trying to eliminate that range tells me the following, because they are class A networks and qualys can not eliminate multiple:



-And trying to delete a single segment like the 194.X.X.X tells me that it is not in my account:


How can I eliminate this range in a quick way, since I apparently have administrator privileges and it is not possible for me. It occurred to me to launch a scan to each range of ip, as to but it would take a long time to scan for after they are discharged and be able to delete them, but I would be talking about millions of hosts and it would take a long time.
Any suggestion is welcome.