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Proper method for a full TCP/UDP Port Mapping

Question asked by Richard Feldmann on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2019 by Rusty Qualyz

Hello All!


I am not experienced with Qualys and am having problems figuring out how to perform a full TCP and UDP port scan on a group of hosts. I read that a PCI scan will do a full port scan by default, but I always seem to get no results, even when testing against hosts with ports intentionally opened for testing. Is there a definitive guide that shows how to setup such a mapping scan and relevant report? I'm not looking for a vulnerability scan right now, just a scan that looks for all open TCP and UDP ports for all hosts in a given network (it would be nice if the output also showed the status of all ports, such as open/closed/filtered, etc, like nmap does). The vuln scan will come later, after we've identified the hosts we need to focus on from the results of the mapping scan.