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POST Rest APIs not getting crawled - WAS

Question asked by Aarthi Sriraman on Apr 11, 2019
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I have been trying to configure a bunch of GET and POST requests in Qualys. Here are the steps I have followed -


  1. Configured Postman to use BURP proxy. Used Postman to run the APIs that I want to test and intercepted them using the BURP proxy.
  2. From the BURP "HTTP History" tab, I selected the requests and saved as a .xml file. For testing, I chose 2 GET requests and POST requests.
  3. Uploaded this file in the web application configuration. I see "4" as the number of items.
  4. Performed a discovery scan and I notice that only the GET requests are getting crawled but not the POST. Here are the information gathered -

Requests Crawled -

Links Crawled -


Here's a screenshot of the BURP history tab -


Is there any reason why I am not seeing the POST requests?


Thanks and any help appreciated.