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Qualys Cloud Agent and Citrix Xen Server

Question asked by Donal Scollan on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 1, 2020 by Martin Walker

We have a large number of Citrix Xen servers with a re-provisioning process which happens nightly. We have the Qualys Cloud Agent baked into the image following the Cloud Agent guidelines. The problem we have is that as these machines are re-provisioned nightly, every day we get a duplicate Cloud Agent entry appearing. 


Is there any process which other users have encountered for either a merge of the agents or auto removal of the duplicate entries. If anyone has any suggestions or information on how Cloud Agents are managed on Xen servers it would be greatly appreciated 


We also have reports of latency issue being caused by the Cloud Agent but need to collect more information on this to verify it is Cloud Agent specific on the servers. There was a previous query ( ) from another user which mentioned high utilization and that Qualys would be addressing in the future, but I cannot find any details on this.