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How to filter out QID's with the "Ignored" status in a widget

Question asked by Rusty Qualyz on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2019 by charles robbins



I am working on the beta VM dashboard.  I am setting up a dashboard for our Win Server team and would like to know how I can filter out the vulnerabilities that have an "Ignored" status.


The Widget is the stock widget "Vulnerabilities By Severity" and here are the Queries:


(vulnerabilities.typeDetected:Confirmed and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.severity:[2,3,4,5]) and vulnerabilities.vulnerability.severity:"2"


Asset:`Windows Servers Agent`


I get all of the the Confirmed Sev 2 vulnerabilities, even the "Ignored" ones.  I am looking for a way to exclude them from the widget.  Is there a Status:Ignored or Status:Closed/Ignored?


This same behavior shows up on the Top 10 Vulnerabilities widget as well.