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Asset Groups and Tags

Question asked by John Sponheimer on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Martin Walker

Greetings all.  I have been on a teare cleaning up my instance and have a question regarding Asset Groups and Tags.


If I create an Asset Group called "AG-Software1".  I will see in Tags, a section called Asset Groups and a tag under it called "AG-Software1"

I created a tag under Asset Groups called "AG-Software2" and I do not see that in the Asset Groups area.


I want to confirm they are not entirely interchangeable here.  I was coming to some decisions on whether to create Tags or AG's for a few topics.  From what I see...Tags are better for "automated tagging of assets in some way" and AG's are for manually grouping assets in some way.  If I also am right reports are run off AGs usually...not tags.


Am I correct here?