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Anyone else want to be able to schedule emails of dashboard snapshots?

Question asked by derekv on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by DMFezzaReed

It would be beneficial, in my opinion, if qualys allowed for users to schedule snapshots of dashboards such that they could be emailed automatically just like a scheduled report... Especially with Qualys' recent focus to improve and add more capabilities to dashboarding within the platform.


If we could also have a report attached to the email from one or more of the graphs/tables/charts, that would be even better...


Right now, the only work arounds are:

1. Grant access to uses (in my case upper management who is very unlikely to login and view dashboards) 
2. Manually screenshot the dashboards and send manual email 
3. Print dashboards and physically mail/hand deliver

4. Dump all the data to a third party tool and do dashboarding outside of Qualys


If anyone is interested in this functionality, I have opened a FR. Feel free to ask your TAM to be associated to the FR. FR is 622941.