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cURL Issues

Question asked by Lucas C. Nunes on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by Lucas C. Nunes

Hello Everyone!


Im new at Qualys Community and I'm having issues doing a bat archive from a cURL command. I have used Postman to do a request, consuming an API from Qualys. Before that, I export the requisition to a cURL command. When I execute the cURL command, via CMD, I receive as an answer the log that I attached in this discussion.


It is worth mentioning that I am in a corporative enviroment and certain remediation mesures/solutions are not possible in my actual situation. Do you know the best way to solve this problem?


PS: Where it's written: "A função de revogação não pôde verificar a revogação do certificado", means, "The revocation function is unable to check revocation for the certificate."


PS2: Sorry for any mistakes. I dont speak english as my main language, but I tried to rehearse the doubt the best way I could.