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Clean Slate: Purge all Asset Data

Question asked by noxx on Mar 1, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2019 by noxx

Hi all, hope this is a straightforward question but what are the "gotchas" or pitfalls of purging data? More specifically all data to start with a clean slate.


Reason is I have started in a new company where Qualys VM & PC has been in place for about 18 months but it is a mess, reporting on duplicates (IP tracking / Cloud Agent), stats are badly skewed from what I can tell, IP addresses have been reassigned to other assets that are not necessarily the same OS as previously, no housekeeping taking place so stale assets yada yada yada...


Other than going through a lengthy process of identifying which assets are stale, decomm'd etc perhaps there is a simpler way rather than a purging all of the asset data.