Policy Compliance - Custom Controls

Discussion created by theone2018 on Feb 20, 2019

Has anyone else created custom controls within the Policy Compliance module?  It seems limiting and not very straight forward.


  1. When creating a simple registry check it seems I need to select all the "Windows Technologies" that I want to target.  Is this really necessary?  Is there a simple way in which I can just target "Windows" instead of selecting each one manually. When a new operating system comes out I am going to need to revisit this policy and update the control to check for these additions.  If it was just targeting Windows OS I wouldn't need to perform this step.  Especially if I have multiple controls.
  2. Is there anyway to "test" the control directly from the control windows instead of attaching it to a policy for scanning, only to see it fail and than re-work the control again?  This really slows down the process.
  3. When creating a Custom Policy, again why do I need to assign "technologies" to it; shouldn't the control have that desired information?