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Two DNS names for laptops - wired and wireless

Question asked by Kevin Shanus on Feb 8, 2019

Hello Everyone!

I'm new to Qualys and was hoping to receive some feedback:


Domain joined Windows laptop on Wired Subnet -

Domain joined Windows laptop on Wireless Subnet -

The issue I'm facing is that during a map some of the laptops are listed twice.


-The initial feedback I received said to use Hostnames but doesn't that require WINS? I felt we were at a place we no longer needed to use that technology, but maybe that is the only option?

-The second option was to have the wireless network card become disabled when the laptop is docked. This creates an issue for certain apps when a user undocks and it takes a couple of seconds to enable the wireless adapter and connect.


We setup the use of two domains to help us with an issue that was occurring with web filtering and DNS not updating fast enough. Maybe we need to dig deeper into that and not use two separate domain suffixes?


Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks