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Missing Pages in WAS

Question asked by Yusuf Topal on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2019 by Yusuf Topal

Hi All,


I am having the same problem mentioned in Issues in Including WAS 


Let me explain my steps:

 1- Authentication : Selenium Script which navigates to the log in page and fills user name and password.

  2-Crawling : There is no authentication step in the crawling Selenium script, it only goes through the application, after successful authentication. 


I have provided same Regex for both authentication and triggering crawling, so after successful log in, welcome page should appear and using a Regex authentication should be completed, then crawling script should work. Whilst authentication successful, there is no fingerprint about crawling script and pages when I check the sitemap. 


I also check 150100 Selenium Diagnostics, I only see logs of authentication script.




Thanks in advance.