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Change vulnerability score with regard to the location of the find?

Question asked by Torsten X on Jan 28, 2019
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I have a question about the Scan Reports.

I would like to create reports where i have the opportunity to change the Vulnerability score with regard to the location of the find. 

For example, there is a vulnerability in a browser. The client often uses the browser, so the vulnerability is important.  On a server the browser isn't used, so the vulnerability is less important. Is there a  possibility to change the score according to certain properties?


If I change a vulnerability in KnowledgeBase, it's for the whole system and not just for client or server. 


The environmental metric in the asset groups doesn't solve this, because they are not for a specific vulnerability. Maybe someone can help me and give me an idea how to solve this.


PS: Why is the environmental metric in every report, also if you didn't set them? This makes reports unnecessarily long...


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