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Error 12175 Qualys Cloud Agent on Win Server 2008 Standard

Question asked by Mir Khan on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by asim khan

I have been unable to get the qualys cloud agent to report back, in the log I keep getting Error 12175.  The OS is Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2.   Is the qualys agent compatible with this OS?


Error: Failed to send request to web service: (Error: 12175)
01/10/2019 15:19:18.0153 [1180]: Error: CommRequest() failed to send the data. Error: 12175. URI(""), Port(443), Secure(1)
01/10/2019 15:19:18.0153 [1180]: Error: Unable to communicate with the server. (Error: 12175)
01/10/2019 15:19:18.0153 [1180]: Information: Set the backoff multiplier to: 1.500
01/10/2019 15:19:18.0247 [1180]: Error: Scheduling Thread:  FINISHED running event 'INTERVAL_EVENT_CAPI'. Result: (Error: 12175).