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Open ports data

Question asked by derekv on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by derekv

Is there a way to report on the open ports being found via the cloud agent? I am not seeing any IG that relates to this information nor am I seeing anything in the QA API guide ( )... The only mention in the api guide about open ports is some xml under the sections for uninstalling a single agent and agents in bulk... 


Perfect world, I would love to get this data, churn through it to get a unique list of open ports on all assets with the CA and use that data to feed into the port targets for my remote unauthenticated scans of the host... 


If Qualys could auto-generate a dashboard for me that listed all open ports in my account with statistics on how many occurrences of each port, that would be amazing! However, highly unlikely this will happen... As such, the ability for me to get the data myself and do the correlation would be awesome. 


ccarlson/ DMFezzaReed, thoughts/ideas?


Thank you!