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Frustrated with EOL detection

Question asked by derekv on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Robert Dell'Immagine



Please please please be more consistent with EOL detections. Either publish them and be consistent about them or don't publish them at all. I have an on-going case with support right now that has me at my whits end. 


For XP and winserv2k3, you published QIDs on the date that extended support ended. You created a qid for eol iis7 (105777) which is a component of winserver2k8 and has support linked to it, but you didn't create a qid for winserver2k8. You know why? Because winserver2k8 is still supported (albeit extended support) until Jan 2020. Support and vulnsigs are telling me that "Qualys published qids when things go end of mainstream support.". Historically, this is not factual. 


As my first sentence states, please be more consistent. Our companies pay to much money for such inconsistencies.


To all admins out there, be cautious of  QID 105777. Many of your sysadmins will argue that the qid is bs since security updates are still being released.