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WAS Scan for Web application hosted on AWS

Question asked by hazaher on Dec 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Dave Ferguson

Hi All, 

i am new on WAS scanning based on AWS.

i am planning to scan a web application hosted on AWS, and i am trying the best way to do that.

here some informations about environment:

1- Web application hosted on AWS and Has two aliases (2 different IPs each time i make a nslookup)

2- we have no a license for qualys cloud.

3-for now i don't have a virtual scanner installed on the AWS instance. 

is that possible to use a internal virtual scanner  installed outside the AWS instance and configure the AWS WAF to allow traffic for the internal scanner to scan the web application?

do you have suggestion how i can make the scan for the web application, or if it is possible to make the scan in the conditions above?


thanks in advanced.