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Using Ticket notification Engine (TNE)

Question asked by John Bullough on Mar 18, 2011

I've started using the TNE to send open tickets to our internal ticketing system (HP Service Manager).  The problem I'm encountering is that it won't send potential vulnerabilities.  My remediation policy is set to open tickets for potential vulnerabilities and I can see open tickets for them, but TNE will never send those tickets in email.  It works just fine on confirmed vulnerabilities.  Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

This statement is from the Technical Brief on TNE... "Once configured, the TNE will retrieve an XML version of each ticket and convert it into an SMTP message and send it to the external ticketing system".  So it seems to me that it should send by default ALL tickets that are open, not just confirmed vulns (red) tickets.  TNE is installed in OpenBSD.


If anyone has experience with this I would greatly apprectiate the input.