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Dedicated Subforum under Vulnerability Management

Question asked by knrrrganesh1 on Nov 19, 2018



Is there a possibility to create a dedicated subforum under VM for remediation methods?


I'm aware from other post which I've requested  to create subforum for different purpose. Why I'm asking is most of the community forum here are focussed on how to run the Qualys scan for different purpose and only few for remediation efforts that too scattered across all the forums.


I'm planning to help the whole community as well get help from the people who work on the similar field or interest.


This forum will focus on recommended remediation effort, microsoft recommendation for windows products, safest and fastest way, issues that may occur to achieve the same through scripts.


I'm happy to share the community with scripts that might help them to remediate their environment. Other engineers with expertise on Linux and other OS can contribute the same.