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Authentication into webapp started failing - Selenium Auth

Question asked by Adam Dershewitz on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2018 by Adam Dershewitz

We have an AWS Qualys appliance installed and is running properly. We have been able to perform Vulnerability Management scans.


We configured the Web Scans a while back with authentication using a Selenium script and it was working fine. About a week ago the authentication started failing on:

Log for Selenium script: Auth Script

Executing: |open | https://[domainhere]/login.html | | Executing: |click | id=login-email | | currentTest.recordFailure: Element id=login-email not found

[domainhere] was the full domain of the site.


On our application when login.html is loaded it will load a js file which pops in the username and password controls. Seems like when the scan is run this isn't happening and the elements aren't showing up.


I also verified that manually running the selenium script through Selenium UI in chrome works properly. I also tried to add a 5 second wait for the elements to show up in the Selenium script and that didn't work.


Any ideas on how to track this down? Is there extended debugging that I can turn on to see what the appliance is getting back from the web server?