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AssetView names don't update

Question asked by Jordan Greene on Nov 7, 2018
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Donal Scollan

We use IP based tracking for our network, and we have dynamic IPs for our workstations. When an IP is first scanned, AssetView stores the DNS name for the discovered asset as the asset name. If during a later scan that IP is used by a different host, the DNS name will update, but the original asset name does not change. This causes 2 issues:


1. If you export the results, the new DNS name does not export. The new name is only represented in the NetBIOS field

2. For the new VM dashboard, we've seen instances where vulnerability counts are inflated because multiple IPs have the same host name


I've brought this up with Qualys but the only response I got is that we can rename the assets using the 'rename' function. Not feasible for our 150k assets. I've opened a feature request, but has anyone solved this issue? I'm sure we could do a search via API where asset name != dns name, and then update asset name = dns name. Has anyone done this? Any other solutions I'm missing here?