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Host Discrepancy between AV & VM

Question asked by Brandon Black on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Brandon Black

We are currently in the process of removing duplicate entries within our environment. We have Cloud Agents deployed, and are performing Authenticated Scans (w/ Agent-less Enabled and included in the scan settings).


When searching Asset-view for a specific IP address, I see two objects. One object is for a Cloud Agent, the other one is for a DNS-tracked asset. Both have the same IP address, both have VM and PC licenses shown as enabled in AV. When i move over to the Vulnerability Management module, and go to the Assets tab, a search on the IP address only shows the Cloud Agent, the DNS-tracked asset is not present. Please note all filtering per asset type is turned off.


Can anyone provide insight as to why an asset would show up in AV, but not in VM. Keep in mind, the asset was configured for a VM license so in-theory it should be showing up in VM as well.


Thank You.