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Add Children Tags to a Parent Tag

Question asked by Tobias Voegele on Oct 12, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by sandip

Hello Qualys Community,


I'm hoping jbleggett will get back to me on this one.  Everything I've found so far suggests Jeff is the Asset Tagging API guru.


I'm looking to add child tags to a parent tag using the Asset Tagging API.  I have a parent tag schema which has about 80+ children tags (some of those children have even more children).  Currently I use the "update" call (https://<baseurl>/qps/rest/2.0/update/am/tag/<id>) with the parent tag ID, but with the 80+ children tags already existing, adding tag rules for just one child will effectively remove all the current 80+ children tags that exist and replace them with the one child tag I'm creating.  I've already lived through this "discovery" once and had to rebuild everything.  That was FUN! ~~NOT


If I try to use the "create" call (https://<baseurl>/qps/rest/2.0/create/am/tag) instead, and nest the child tag under the parent tag via the XML input file (in an attempt to tell the API I want this new child tag created under the named parent), I get an error saying the tag name already exists (this is the tag name for the Parent tag).


Is there a way to simply add a new child tag under an existent (and fairly complex) Parent tag without having to include all the Child tags and their tag rule components in the XML input file?  The reason I ask is because "updating" the parent tag with all the children tags (which I have saved in an XML file I keep updating) effectively resets the asset count identified for all children tag rules.  My tag rules are primarily <ruleType>CLOUD_ASSET</ruleType> for the children and having to retrigger those using the "evaluate" call to the Parent tag every time I add just one child takes my platform forever to reacquire those counts (typically about 24-48 hours).


Appreciate any time and insight anyone can share.  I'll provide more info if needed.


Thanks everyone.