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Last Scan Tag Reporting

Question asked by Chris Jones on Oct 10, 2018
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Hi Fellow Forumers,


I've seen many threads on scan date, last scan date, etc....... None seem to offer anything that helps with my Query so again, I'm reaching out to the world of Qualysians for some help


VM>Assets>Assets Search>Asset Group "All" / Last scan date: "Not within 45 days". Create Tag.

This tag shows 151 assets. Naturally I start checking those assets and decided to run a scan against that tag

VM>Scans>Scan>New Scan> Option profile is set for authentication and is a profile we use successfully on various assets. Targets hosts is set to TAG and i use our "Exceeding 45 Days" created during the above steps.

Also I select "Scan Agent Hosts"........ And away it goes..............

This scan found 7 assets and states:

Summary Scanner(s) are finished. No live hosts were found.

Total Hosts Alive
Total appliances used
Aggregate Vulnerabilities
Straight away there is a contradiction in the above. However, I then go to AssetView>Assets> "Exceeding 45 days". This returns the same 151 assets - One of which is marked as "Last scanned 18th September 2018" (It's 10th October 2018 today). Maths was never my strong point but neither was it my weakest. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on what is going here? Is it a seat to keyboard connection issue or an RTM issue or something far more sinister.......
Comments welcome :-)