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Container Security on openshift/kubernetes

Question asked by derekv on Oct 9, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by derekv

Anyone have any success with container security module in an openshift environment running kubernetes?

I deployed the sensor to 3 pods and Qualys keeps registering new sensors every minute or two... My 3 sensors are now represented in Qualys as over 26,000... I have a support ticket in; however, support has been less than responsive. As such, I figured I would turn to the community to see if anyone else has had luck/issues... Not sure if this is self-inflicted so just looking on some troubleshooting ideas. 


**Note, there is currently no "place" for Container Security so I am filing it under "VM, TP, and SCA". Qualys, please consider adding a place on the forms so these posts can be added to the appropriate place.


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