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How to download partial scans in PDF format?

Question asked by Jake VanMast on Oct 11, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by Joe Gregory

We typically scan all of our servers, or all network gear in one [periodic] scheduled scan job.  The output is huge and takes forever to view, or even longer to download in PDF format.


To *view* the results from one IP in this large raw scan we can use a URL similar to below:<SCAN>&target=<IPv4>&nonavigation=1&readonly=yes&closewin=1


Where <SCAN> is the "Reference" (like "scan/1538910046.55229") obtained from the VM Scans/Scans tab, and <IPv4> is the address of host asset to filter on.  It used to be that using File/Download would download the partial scan, but that behavior seems to have changed recently to download the full scan instead, which is what we are trying to avoid.  I have a hunch that the File/Download behavior used to populate the same/similar arguments as provided to report_view.php?


Does anyone know the [similar] format/arguments to specify directly to download_report.php to download a partial scan in PDF format?  Or any documentation which might address this, or any other mechanism to solve the typical support use case (below)?


Use Case:

As everyone here is aware, Qualys support typically wants a raw scan in PDF format before they will do anything a support case.  Downloading 100+ MB of raw scan from Qualys, only to upload it back to the Qualys support case takes forever.  Is there any recommended mechanism to download a partial raw scan in PDF format, or otherwise solve this issue?  (We have used a scan report with nothing filtered in the past, although this requires a new/modified report template each time.)  How are other groups solving this problem?