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WAS Scanning

Question asked by Jamie Crow on Oct 5, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2018 by Busby

Not that it's atypical of companies, but the company I work for is EXCEPTIONALLY nervous when it comes to vulnerability scanning--and especially scanning.  Consequently, getting approval to beef up the #scan profile used to improve vulnerability detection, and scan completion during the alloted window is a constant challenge.


My understanding is the Qualys recommends #discovery scans be performed before running vulnerability scans.  My questions are--

1.  is it recommended that I have separate profiles for discovery scans and vulnerability scans? 

2.  If "Yes" then what should (generally speaking) be the differences between the profiles?  for example, should/can the discovery scan profile have higher performance setting, larger crawl space, not utilize SmartScan Support or Bruteforcing?

3. Have a different detection scope?

Any advice would be appreciated!@