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Why is the (Fixed) Check box in the Report Template under (Filter --> Vulnerability Filters section) not in focus to be checked?

Question asked by Johnny Shaieb on Sep 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2018 by DMFezzaReed

So, on any Report Template that I try to create, I am unable to select the (Fixed) Check box in the Filter --> Vulnerability Filters section.


Therefore, I used the Save As feature to create a copy of the (Technical Report) report, because I knew it has all for Check Boxes checked (New, Active, Re-Opened, Fixed).


Well, guess what, even though I made an exact copy of the Technical Report, the Fixed Check Box is (1) out of focus and is (2) not checked.  (See picture below)?


Is this a permission issue?  I am a manager on this instance.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.