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Patch Availability Widget Accuracy

Question asked by mike_l on Sep 14, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2018 by DMFezzaReed

We are experimenting with various widgets in the VM Dashboard Beta.  We utilize a widget that displays the number of "patchable" vulnerabilities.  For example, if we want to see "Confirmed" vulnerabilities where a patch exists, we use...


   vulnerabilities:(vulnerability.patchAvailable:TRUE and typeDetected:Confirmed)


Prior to the VM Dashboard Beta, we tried to achieve similar results using Search Lists as filters within Report Templates. For example, our Search List for "Confirmed" vulnerabilities where a patch exists includes the following List Criteria...


   Patch Solution: Checkbox for Patch Available
   Confirmed Severity: Checkboxes for all Severity Levels
   All other List Criteria are default or empty


The problem we're experiencing is that the VM widget output and the reporting output differs greatly.

Understanding that the VM Dashboard is beta, should the output match standard reporting?
Is our Search List logic flawed?