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Asset Discrepency between Modules

Question asked by Chris Jones on Sep 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by DMFezzaReed

Hi Fellow Forumers....


Firstly, i'm in contact with support with the following issue but the responses are not making sense so i'm hoping someone here can help either prove my sanity or my madness - Either way I'm happy! After which, I can discuss further with Support/TAM


I've performed the following searches and am confused to hell as to why the counts are so far apart.

AssetView>Assets>Tags>Cloud Agent shows 1429 assets with the CA Tag

Cloud Agent>Agents> displays 1432 assets with Cloud Agent

VM>Assets>Asset Search>Asset Group> All. Tracking method>Cloud Agent, I get 780.

VM>Assets>Asset Search>Tags> 0 – MCA All (This is a tag with ALL IP ranges) I get 780

VM>Assets>Asset Search>IPs/Ranges>Select vxx/8, yy/8 etc.... for all ranges we use returns 769


Support are insisting that the discrepency is because the missing assets have not been scanned by VM Module. This is true............... Except the 780 assets that ARE listed have not been scanned either and if i try to scan them, I am requested to add the IP to our susbscription so if the scanning issue was the cause then surely none of my (Cloud Agent) assets would be listed?


So, does any one have any ideas why I have circa 45% assets missing??? Can't be a sync issue as this has been like this for weeks now.


Thanks All