Laura Seletos

Bulk Uninstall Agents (by tag name) via Postman

Discussion created by Laura Seletos on Sep 6, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Busby

I recently had a request to do a bulk uninstall of duplicate agents via the Qualys API. I set this up via Postman and have attached the export for anyone to use and modify. 


NOTEPlease read the "Uninstall agents in bulk" section within the Cloud Agent API to avoid accidentally uninstalling agents not in-scope for removal. Cloud Agent API - User Guide


  1. Here is the Postman query setup:
      • Update the tag name to the grouping you want to uninstall. Tripple check that the assets within this tag are ok to uninstall.
      • Ensure the correct environment variable for Platform is selected (US Platform 1 is used in my example).
  2. Here is the output: